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TGE Marine is a market-leading provider of engineering services for the design and supply of gas carriers, fuel gas systems and offshore units. We deliver turnkey solutions for engineering, design, procurement and construction supervision (EPCS) of marine gas handling and storage systems as well as vessel designs. We specialise in the containment and handling of cryogenically stored gases, and are the market leader in the ethylene carrier and small LNG carrier segment.

TGE Marine is a pioneer in the dynamic field of LNG fuel gas systems, LNG bunkering and LNG floating units (FSU, FSRU). The company partners closely with ship owners and shipyards to offer design-led engineering expertise or LNG fuelled merchant vessels.

Most of our customers are commercial shipyards which build gas carrier ships. To date, we have supplied gas handling and storage systems to more than 220 gas tankers and merchant vessels with LNG propulsion built at more than 20 shipyards across Europe, Asia, and South America. Since 1989, we have been operating in China and have supplied gas plants for the vast majority of gas carriers built for international shipowners.

We are proud of our contributions to a cleaner shipping industry with TGE Marine’s gas fuel systems installed on car carriers, container vessels, cruise vessels to name a few.
With our cargo systems for LNG bunker vessels installed to, example on the ‘Cardissa’, ‘EngieZeebrugge’, ‘Coralius’ and ‘Coral Methane’, we are market leader in number, diversity and experience.

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