TGE Marine was founded in 1980 in Bonn under the name Liquid Gas International Ingenieurgesellschaft GmbH (LGI) by Mr. Horst Schierack and Mr. Vladimir Puklavec.
The company was an engineering contractor for the design and supply of gas handling systems for gas carriers which were primarily delivered to small shipyards in northern Germany and The Netherlands. At the end of the 80s the scope of services was extended to cover the onshore cryogenic terminal business.

In 1989 the first contract for a gas handling system for the mainland China’s first ever gas carrier was signed with Jiangnan Shipyard Group. Since then TGE Marine has become the dominant engineering contractor for gas handling systems and cargo tanks.
In 1993 LGI was acquired by the Belgian Tractebel Group and renamed Tractebel Gas Engineering GmbH (TGE).
With a strong industrial group as shareholder, TGE’s business was expanding and at the end of the 90s all gas engineering activities within Tractebel Group were merged with TGE Group. At the same time the product range was extended to cover LNG storage and logistics systems.

During 2005 Tractebel Group decided to divest the contracting entities and TGE proposed an MBO which was concluded in 2007. As a strong financial partner, Caledonia Investments (UK) became the majority shareholder while the remaining shares were controlled by the management. The company was renamed TGE Gas Engineering GmbH and operated with two core business units: Offshore/Gas Carrier and Onshore Terminal & Storage.

In 2007 management decided to demerge the onshore business into a separate company.
At this point the company was renamed again, becoming TGE Marine AG – as the holding company – and TGE Marine Gas Engineering GmbH (TGE Marine) as its operating counterpart.

Since September 2015 TGE Marine is part of the Japanese Mitsui E&S Shipbuilding Group being one of the leading international Groups of Machinery and Systems and Ocean Development.


First LNG-bunkering: ‘Cardissa‘ bunkering 1,400 TEU container vessel ‘Containerships Nord‘


World’s biggest Semi-Submersible Crane Vessel with eight vertical foam insulated tanks and four parallel fuel gas processing trains by TGE Marine


First Bunkering to TGE’s LNG Fuel System with vertical type C tanks


Unique vessel: Finnish-Swedish ICE class 1A Super with three bilobe type C tanks


First contract for LNG FSRU


Conversion of `Navigator Aurora’ to Ethane as fuel


Conversion of `Coral Methane’ to LNG bunker vessel


World’s first LNG bunker ship of 5,100 m³ capacity


First conversion of a Containership to LNG as fuel


World’s largest Ethylene/Ethane carrier of 37,000 m³ capacity


Mitsui E&S Holdings Co., Ltd.
acquired TGE Marine from Caledonia Investments
and Gasfin Investment


World’s largest LNG carrier with bilobe type C tanks of 30,000 m³ capacity


World’s first direct driven dual fuel LNG carrier of 15,600 m³ capacity


World’s first combined LNG Ethylene carrier with capacity of 7,500 m³ with a dual fuel electric propulsion system and bunkering capability
And our first reference for LNG as fuel


After split of onshore and offshore business
TGE becomes TGE Marine AG (holding company)/TGE Marine Gas Engineering GmbH (operation company)


Opening of our branch office in Shanghai, China


LGI becomes TGE (Tractebel Gas Engineering GmbH)
after acquisition by Tractebel Group


First contract for a gas handling system in China