Ammonia (NH3)

Fuel Gas Systems – clean fuel for the future

Cargo Handling System – safe transport of ammonia for people and the environment

AMMONIA FUEL GAS SYSTEMS - will play a strong role in the decarbonisation of shipping

  • Support and Consulting
    TGE Marine provides studies such as those on boil-off-gas (BOG) management in close co-operation with shipowners to improve overall ship performance, provide low OPEX and reduce Green-House-Gas (GHG) emissions.
    Ammonia fuel gas systems will play a strong role in the decarbonisation of shipping.
  • Trusted partner
    For the transport of cryogenic and toxic gases such as ammonia since 1980.
  • FGS
    Providing safe and reliable systems as a well-established company with a great deal of expertise in gases like NH3.
  • Market leader
    In the semi-ref LPG/NH3 carrier market.
  • Satisfied clients
    Around the globe.
  • Experienced contractor
    With more than 160 ammonia capable gas carriers delivered.

Our references for ammonia as fuel include

Höegh Autoliners: Aurora Class

The eight multi-gas tanks, granted DNV's ammonia- and methanol-ready notations. are the first in the PCTC segment that can be converted to zero-carbon ammonia

The AURORA Class will be world's largest PCTC vessels

Full reference sheet

Our references for ammonia as cargo include

Eletson: nine LEG carriers

EPCS-contract, cargo handling system, cargo tanks

Full reference sheet

Navigator Gas: Navigator Aurora

EPCS-contract, gas handling system including cargo tanks and LNG fuel gas system for ME-GI engine and LNG fuel tanks

Full reference sheet

Solvang: four LPG/Ethylene/Ammonia/VCM Carrier

EPCS-contract, gas handling system

Full reference sheet

Harpain Reederei: four Gaschem Services carriers

EPCS-contract, gas handling system

Full reference sheet

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