Harpain: four LPG/Ethylene/Ammonia/VCM carrier

4 x 17,000 cbm LPG/Ethylene/Ammonia/VCM Carrier

‘Gaschem Nordsee’, ‘Gaschem Pacific’, ‘Gaschem Adriatic’ & ‘Gaschem Antarctic’
for HARPAIN REEDEREI GmbH & Co. KG, Germany 

General Information

Project Data:1936 E-H
Shipyard:Meyer Werft GmbH, Germany
Year of completion:2009-2010
TGE’s scope:EPCS-contract, gas handling system


Length o.a.154.9 m
Beam:22.7 m
Draught (LPG):8.1 m
Speed:17.7 kn

Characteristics of gas plant:

Characteristics of gas plant: 
Capacity:17,000 m³
Number of cargo tanks:3 (bilobe type)
Material of cargo tanks:5% Ni Steel
Design temperature / pressure:-104°C / 4.5 bar g acc. to IMO at sea
Maximum cargo density:972 kg/m³
Number of segregations:2
Cargo manifolds:2 liquid lines, 1 x 10”, 1 x 8” ANSI 300 lbs flanges
2 vapour lines, 2 x 6” ANSI 300 lbs flanges
Loading- / Unloadingrate:1,200 m³/h
Deepwell pump6 x 200 m³/h at 120 m LC
Booster pump2 x 300 m³/h at 120 m LC
Number of cargo heater / vaporizer: 
1 indirect ethylene vaporiserCapacity:    600 m³/h at 15°C sea water temp.
1 indirect thermal oil heated LPG-heater / vaporiserCapacity:    60 t/h Propane -42°C to 0°C, vapour 2 t/h
1 direct sea water heated LPG-heater / vaporiserCapacity:    100 t/h Propane -42°C to 0°C at 15°C sea water
Reliquefaction system:Cascade / direct cycle
2 x refrigerant compressors (refrigerant R404A)
4 x cargo compressors
Cargo piping system:Stainless steel
Nitrogen generation plant: 
Pressure swing adsorption type 
Deck Tank:1 x 125 m3 , 1 x 60 m3
Design Pressure / Temperature:1 x 18 bar g/ -104°C, 1 x 18 bar g/-48°C

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