Fuel Gas Systems

LNG fuel gas systems

We provide modularised gas systems for high volume markets as well as tailor made solutions for special applications designed in close cooperation with our customers.

Innovative and Efficient Fuel Gas Systems (FGS)

  • Reducing Green-House-Gas (GHG) Emissions
    Reducing operational expenditure (OPEX) for owners and operators
  • Fuel Gas Skids
    Skids are divided into reasonable units for efficient yard installation and ease of maintenance during operation
  • Support and consulting
    TGE Marine provides studies such as those on boil-off-gas (BOG) management in close cooperation with shipowners to improve overall ship performance, provide low OPEX and reduce GHG emissions.


Our references include pioneering projects

Furetank Rederi: Vinga series

The Vinga series: 19 dual-fuelled vessels capable of running on both LNG and bio-LNG

Full reference sheet

Höegh Autoliners: Aurora-class

The twelve multi-gas tanks, granted DNV's ammonia- and methanol-ready notations are the first in the PCTC segment that can be converted to zero-carbon ammonia

The AURORA Class will be world's largest PCTC vessels

Full reference sheet

Seaboard Marine: Seaboard Blue

Container ship industry-first: Seaboard Blue (formerly Wes Amelie) was retrofitted to LNG dual fuel

Full reference sheet

Crowley: El Coqui

World’s first vacuum insulated LNG fuel tanks in the US market

Full reference sheet

Heerema: Sleipnir

Biggest fuel gas system in the world


Full reference sheet

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