12 x 9,100 PCTC

for ‘Höegh Autoliners AS’, Norway 

General Information

Project Data:4107
Owner:Höegh Autoliners AS, Norway
Shipyard:China Merchants Heavy Industry (Jiangsu) Co., LTD, China
Year of Completion:2024-2026
Engine tpye:

Main Engines: MAN 7S60ME-C10.5-GI-EcoEGR

Aux. Engines: TBA

TGE’s scope:High pressure fuel gas system for a 2-stroke main engine and low-pressure fuel gas system for 4-stroke auxiliary engines. 1 x 3,400 m³ bilobe fuel gas tank (type C) and TGE recondenser for sustainable BOG management.

The twelve multi-gas tanks, granted DNV's ammonia- and methanol-ready notations, are the first in the PCTC segment that can be converted to zero-carbon ammonia

The AURORA Class will be world's largest PCTC vessels

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