As a reliable partner, TGE Marine aims to ensure maximum uptime and availability of our clients’ systems by staying in contact with owners, operators and crews, whether locally on board or remotely, 24/7/365.

As the market leader in the ethylene and small-scale LNG, LPG and CO2 tanker segment, TGE Marine is aware of the safety aspects that liquefied gas handling entails due to the gases’ toxicity and flammability. With safety as our top priority, these risks require dedicated and knowledgeable specialists as well as complex engineering.

With TGE Marine’s experienced service crew, the company takes care of systems’ reliability, technical support throughout- and after the warranty period, retrofits, operational improvements, dry dockings and routine checks as well as delivering standard and critical spare parts. In addition, we provide supplementary services including tailored training to fully meet our clients’ goals.

TGE Marine´s Services department has three focus areas:

  • Continuous support during the warranty period
  • Troubleshooting
  • Claim Management
  • Delivery of (spare) parts and provision of services

  • Troubleshooting
  • Service interventions
  • On-board support for special operations
  • Routine Equipment Checks
  • Mechanical and electrical repairs
  • Performance analysis
  • Site Management during dry dockings
    Tank and insulation inspections
  • On-Site Training

  • Daily Operations’ Support
  • Retrofits and system conversions
  • Routine Equipment Checks
  • Support & Preparation for:
    • Regular vessel inspections
    • Dry docking
    • Life-time extension support
    • Cargo Changes
  • Planned maintenance support
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • System performance optimisation
  • Remote monitoring solutions
  • Crew training


Service & Support

Our Service activities and expertise

Dry Docking ‘ElbBlue’ ex ‘Wes Amelie’

TGE Marine’s Scope:

  • Gas freeing
  • Repair of all safety relief valves
  • Overhaul low pressure fuel gas pump
  • Overhaul of several valves
  • Presence during Cooling Down
  • Presence during first bunkering

Dry Docking ‘Auto Eco’ and ‘Auto Advance’

TGE Marine’s Scope:

  • Continuous Site Management during entire dry docking period for fuel gas system
  • Overhaul low pressure fuel gas pumps
  • Change of cold ends high pressure fuel gas pump
  • Overhaul of control valves
  • Overhaul and alignment of electric motors
  • Adjustment of filtration concept incl. hot works
  • Presence during cooling Down
  • Presence during first bunkering

Dry Docking ‘Navigator Aurora’

TGE Marine’s Scope:

  • Substitution of current fuel gas pump by new manufacturer incl. the following works:
    • Mechanical installation of pump in fuel gas tank
    • Complete new electrical installation incl. Feedthrough and junction boxes
    • In tank pipe adjustment incl. hot works
    • Re-Commissioning of new fuel gas pump during first voyage after dry docking

Dry Docking ‘Green Zeebrugge’ ex ‘Engie Zeebrugge’

TG TGE Marine’s E’s Scope:

  • Overhaul and recalibration of all Coriolis flow meters
  • Repair of all safety relief valves
  • Improvement of insulation on cargo tanks